About the Open Letter on Travel and Tourism

It is undeniable that in spite of its growing relevance and proven contribution to GDP (3% to 5% worldwide), jobs (7% to 8% of all jobs) and exports (30% of the world’s exports of services), Travel and Tourism still lacks due political and economic recognition.

In this framework, UNWTO and WTTC have decided to join hands in their common goal of mainstreaming Travel and Tourism in the global agenda and position tourism as a driver of economic growth and development.

UNWTO and WTTC will present an Open Letter to Heads of State and Government worldwide, highlighting the importance of Travel and Tourism. In turn, Heads of State and Government will accept this letter in acknowledgement of the relevance of travel and tourism in facing today’s global challenges.

Latest news

04 Dec 13
Press Release
Cambodia’s Prime Minister accepts Open Letter on Travel and Tourism
“In spite of the worldwide economic crisis, Cambodia enjoys continuous tourism growth. Tourism in Cambodia grew from scratch to 4.2 million foreign visitors expected this year of 2013,” said Prime...
18 Nov 13
Press Release
Laos Prime Minister receives Open Letter on Travel and Tourism
Prime Minister Thammavong said, “Tourism development is being taken very seriously by the Laos government as an important agenda item for socio-economic development of the country. We are counting on...
29 Aug 13
Press Release
Taleb Rifai reelected as UNWTO Secretary-General
Taleb Rifai was reelected for a second term as UNWTO Secretary-General (2014-2017). The announcement was made yesterday at the 20th Session of the General Assembly in Livingstone, Victoria Falls. The...
05 Jun 13
Press Release
President of Cyprus – tourism key for the country
UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai emphasized the importance of tourism to the Cyprus economy and highlighted the existing opportunities to grow the sector. ”The country is open for business and...
24 Apr 13
Press Release
Encouraging Travel Facilitation and Connectivity in Asia Pacific
The  Joint Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and UNWTO Commission for South Asia (CAP-CSA) are UNWTO´s annual regional statutory events, and the largest, most...